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Simple Tips How to Avoid Addiction

There are several definitions of dependency. You're dependent when you have 3 or more of the following symptoms after using marijuana vaporizer.

   1) Smoke more than you want to use.
   2) Cannot reduce amount of use.
   3) Restriction of hobbies, social activities or work.
   4) Keep using it even though you know that it is causing you harm.
   5) Tolerance, the need to take more because you feel no effect.
   6) The occurrence of withdrawal symptoms when stopping.

Reducing the Risks

You can reduce the risks of addition if you:

- Do not to start young. Many risks arise as you begin your 16th.

- Do not use when schizophrenia occurs in your family.

- Only use for fun or relaxation.

- In your free time, not during school, study or work.

- Do not purchase cannabis on the street.

- Do not inhale the smoke deeply and do not hold it too long.

- Do not use in combination with alcohol or other drugs.

- Do not use in pregnancy and use of medications.

- Do not used in cardiac and vascular problems.

The law distinguishes between hard drugs (drugs with a high risk) and soft drugs. Cannabis is among the drugs. The law also makes a distinction between possession and using marijuana vaporizer for cultivation for personal use possession and cultivation for trade. Possession of 5 grams and having less than 5 plants is considered possession for personal use. You do not get fined, but the cannabis is seized. Sale of cannabis is still banned. Yet there are coffee shops in the Netherlands that may sell it. They may sell cannabis as they hold a number of conditions: No hard drugs, no advertising, no nuisance, no access and no sales under 18 years of age, and no sales of more than 5 grams per person per day. Different rules apply abroad.

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