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PAOL Researchers

Ithaca College

Paul's preatty face Paul Dickson
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
pdickson [at] ithaca [dot] edu

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Adrion, Richards
Professor Emeritus
adrion [at] cs [dot] umass [dot] edu
Tim Richards
Lecturer of Computer Science
richards [at] cs [dot] umass [dot] edu

Hampshire College

David Warshow
Undergraduate Student
diw08 [at] hampshire [dot] edu

Former Participants

Alec Goebel
Undergraduate Student-Hampshire College
acg10 [at] hampshire [dot] edu
Colin Roache
Undergraduate Student-Hampshire College
ccr09 [at] hampshire [dot] edu
Eric Ssebanakitta
Graduate Student-University of Massachusetts Amherst
David Arbour
Undergraduate Student-University of Massachusetts Amherst
darbour [at] cs [dot] umass [dot] edu
Amanda Gentzel
Undergraduate Student-Westminster College
gentzeam [at] westminster [dot] edu

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