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CS206: Building Web Applications

Course Description

We'll learn how to build an application that dynamically generates web pages and stores information in a server-side database. Along the way, we'll cover new techniques for making client side JavaScript development easier and more powerful, and learn about distributed source control and collaboration.

Meeting Time

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
Adele Simmons Hall
Room: 126
January 3, 2012-fuary 19, 2012


Paul Dickson
Phone: x5861, off campus (413) 559-5861
Office: room 204 Adele Simmons Hall

Office Hours:
by appointment

TAs: Paul Sawaya
Lab Hours:
right after class as needed


Course evaluation will be based on students ability to learn course material and write working code. Evaluation of comprehension cannot be made without homework assignments being turned in on time. To receive an evaluation you must earn 2 points fewer then the number of assignments given over the course of the semester. For example if 11 assignments are given you must get 9 points for an evaluation. For every assignment turned in on time you receive a point. For every assignment turned in a day early you receive 2 points and for every assignment not turned in you lose 2 points. As with all Hampshire College courses academic honesty is expected, make sure your are familiar with the Hampshire's official statement on plagiarism.

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