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Course Description

Meeting Time



CS227: Mobile Computing: Building Applications for Handheld Devices

Course Description

Mobile Computing: Building Applications for Handheld Devices: Mobile devices are becoming more prevalent and the demand for applications that can run on these mobile devices keeps growing. This course will focus on the strengths and limitations of mobile devices. Students will explore these topics through the conception and creation of applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch architecture. By the end of the semester, all students will be developing iPhone applications and testing them on devices. This course will be hands on and project based. Prerequisite: Students are required to have at least one semester of college-level programming in a high-level programming language.

Meeting Time

Monday, Wednesday:
Adele Simmons Hall
Room: 126
January 26, 2009-May 4, 2009


Paul Dickson
Phone: x5861, off campus (413) 559-5861
Office: room 204 Adele Simmons Hall

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday 10:00 AM-Noon
by appointment

TA: Cameron Kingsley
Lab Hours:
Thursday 7:00-8:00 PM
hours will be extended if students are still there at the end of the time listed.


Course evaluation will be based on students ability to learn course material, create working applications, participate in work presentation and criticism, and revise work based on criticism. Evaluation of comprehension cannot be made without homework assignments being turned in on time. Therefore assignments must be turned in on time. If any more then one assignment is turned in late, no evaluation will be given. As with all Hampshire College courses academic honesty is expected, make sure your are familiar with the Hampshire's official statement on plagiarism.

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